About Tia Margarita


Tia Margarita, a family owned restaurant, established in 1963, serves classic northern Mexican fare in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Most recipes have remained constant throughout Tia Margarita’s history, such as the well known carne asada, while other dishes have evolved to appeal to new customers’ tastes. Known for outstanding fresh lime margaritas, patrons can enjoy them from the blender or on the rocks. The original horseshoe bar provides a full range of cocktails and a great bar scene. Tia Margarita welcomes new customers as most become regulars, returning again and again for everything from delicious homemade salsa and rellenos, to tamales and dynamite margaritas. Many of the staff has been there over 10 years and pride themselves on getting to know customers’ preferences. Tia Margarita is located on the corner of 19th Ave. and Clement St. in San Francisco.


The History of Tia Margarita

Over 50 years ago, two couples – Alex & Virginia Hobbs and John & Myrtle Holbrook – took a chance on opening their own place. Alex and John, long time bartenders around town found a neighborhood bar with back rooms available and Tia Margarita was born. They were lucky to hire Alejandro Espinosa as chef and he developed a classic northern Mexican menu that along with a great bar scene made the Tia Margarita an instant success.

Virginia’s husband and partners died too young, but in 1978 she brought her daughter Helen into the business to continue the family atmosphere Tia Margarita was known for. One of the most notable achievements of the original four partners was creating a restaurant with no particular target demographic. Truly everyone felt welcome and fit in. Yuppies’ to bikers, families to singles, all are embraced by the warmth of the place. Virginia continued running the Tia with great pride and Joy, until her passing in 2006. Now Helen and her niece Jennifer proudly serve many delicious recipes from the original menu while adding some new dishes of their own, continuing their cherished family tradition.

Celebrating its 54th anniversary in 2017, Tia Margarita continues as a great neighborhood Mexican restaurant where customers become friends, and the original goals of providing good food and cocktails at a good value in a fun and welcoming atmosphere are carried on.

Tia Margarita welcomes new customers as most become regular.